Mission Canyon Association

2012 California Fire Safe Council Grant

We are very pleased to have won a grant from the Fire Safe Council for 2012. 

This very competitive process brings Mission Canyon $67,201 to spend on vegetation management projects in areas that will improve fire safety for all residents. The grant requires matching donations from the community.  Work done by residents in any project area counts as matching funds for the grant.

See the map below for project areas.fire safe council grant map

Along the designated evacuation routes: Tunnel Rd, Mission Canyon Rd, Cheltenham Rd, and Las Canoas Rd, work done within 20 feet of the road can count toward matching.

Types of Work:

How to Calculate Your Match:

If you and your wife cut seasonal grasses and trimmed dead tree limbs along the road for 2 hours on 4/10/2012: You would include the date, a brief description of the work, 2 hours x 2 people for a total of 4 volunteer hours at the volunteer rate of $23 per hour = $92.

If you hired a gardener to do similar work, the date, a description of the work done, the cost, and a copy of any invoice count as matching.

Timesheets for in-kind matching contributions can be downloaded here.

For more information, please contact

This grant is not possible without your hours and/or expenses as matching contributions. Thank you!