Mission Canyon Association

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The Mission Canyon Association welcomes opinions and comments regarding our Association and its activities. Your input is valuable in shaping our policies, determining the value of various projects on our to-do list, and measuring the concerns of Canyon residents.

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MCA Officers & Directors

Karl Hutterer - President (2018)
, phone: 898-0116

Laurie Guitteau - Vice President (2019)
, phone: 682-4474

Ray Smith - Treasurer (2019)
, phone: 682-5583

Laurie Dahl - Secretary (2018)
, phone: 424-213-0747

Barbara Lindemann - immediate past president (2017)
, phone: 682-4949

Jean Yamamura (2019)
, phone: 845-3051

Kellam de Forest (2019)
, phone: 448-7901

Alex Feldwinn 2017)
, phone: 770-2630

Darby Feldwinn (2017)
, phone: 770-2630

Richard Solomon (2017)
, phone: 569-7637

Kevin Snow (2017)
, phone: 569-2343

Hugh Twibell (2019)
, phone: 687-4512

Jason Saltoun-Ebin (2018)
, phone: 364-3070

Erika Sharghi (2018)
, phone: 637-5453

Sandy Robertson (2018)
, phone: 682-5728


Mission Canyon Association Committees

Architectural Design Review Committee: Though builders are not required to visit MCA's ADRC before going to the county for building permits, we would recommend it. The architects and contractors who make up this committee have decades of experience in building in Santa Barbara and can be of great help to you.
Hugh Twibell (chair)
Joyce McCullough
Dwight Gregory
Victor Schumacher
Kellam de Forest
Kevin Snow
Jason Saltoun Ebint

Finance Committee: Reviews Quarterly Treasurer's reports and financial records.
Richard Solomon
Erika Sharghi
Jason Saltoun Ebin

Fire Committee: This committee continues MCA's commitment to fire safety, participating in the Fire Safe Council, and proactively working to reduce the danger in our canyon.
Ray Smith (chair)
Laurie Guitteau
Selden Edner
Jean Yamamura

Land Use Committee: Works to understand and mediate land use issues/disputes within the Canyon. Follows issues associated with institutional CUPs within the Canyon.
Kevin Snow (Chair)
Jean Yamamura
Ray Smith
Kellam de Forest
Laurie Dahl
Richard Solomon
Hugh Twibell

Membership Committee: In charge of the membership list.
Laurie Guitteau
Erika Sharghi

Newsletter Committee: In charge of creating and publishing MCA's quarterly newsletter.
Jean Yamamura (chair)
Laurie Guitteau
Lee Ann Dollison

Parking & Traffic Committee: Parking is an ongoing concern, especially in Mission Canyon Heights, and one not easily solved. Members of the Board work with the First District County Supervisor to find solutions.
Barbara Lindemann (chair)
Darby Feldwinn
Jean Yamamura
Sandy Robertson
Jason Saltoun Ebin

Mission Heritage Trail Committee: Represents Mission Canyon Association with the group of stakeholders working for safe walking and bike ways from Laguna St.to Foothill Rd.
Erika Sharghi (chair)
Kellam de Forest
Karl Hutterer
Hugh Twibell
Kevin Snow

Webmaster: Maintains MCAs web page; receives resident emails. Maintains operation of the camrecorder.
Alex Feldwinn (chair)
Laurie Guitteau
Karl Hutterer (ex-officio)
Barbara Lindemann
Jean Yamamura