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Fall 2017

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  • Sober Lessons from the Wine Country Fires
    The Wine Country fires sobered all of California.
    Wildfires are part of California's landscape, our history, our life. We expect them every year. But total devastation and the horrific loss of life in the midst of Northern California's lush wine country, death and destruction in a planned, urban development that would never be called "fire prone," that is not what we expect......
  • How to Harden a Home
    One thing most people do not understand is that during a wildfire, the home normally burns from the inside out. Yes, the inside out. The challenge for the homeowner is....
  • Homes and the Wildland Zone
    Mission Canyon and Tunnel roads lie in a box canyon with only one exit. That singular exit is one of the four exits that serve Mission Canyon Heights, which itself has narrow, winding roads that serve 500 homes on ocean-view hillsides. The Heights' rabbit warren of streets could become very dangerouse...
  • Is the Area Around Your Home Defensible?
    How many times have you had the lecture on Defensible Space? It's like the safety briefing on the airplane where everyone keeps looking at their smart phone and ignoring the flight attendants. Well, it pays to pay attention. Homes surrounded by defensible space survive...
  • Early Fire Alerts
    The most horrific stories of the Wine Country fires center on people having no idea they were in danger until their house was actually burning. Too many
    people died because...
  • Red Flag Day Nightmares
    For those of you who don't live on Tunnel Road, the Tunnel Trail has become a popular hiking spot for what seems like the entire world. Because of the worry over getting everyone out during a fire, parking is prohibited ...
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