Mission Canyon Association

Erosion Control and Landscape Recovery after Jesusita Fire

Many of our Mission Canyon neighbors experienced damaged or destroyed landscape. As we look around at the homes lost or damaged we shed a tear and say a prayer for the families who experienced a loss or were displaced. As we look at the scorched landscape we wonder will it come back, what will it look like in 6 months, a year, several years. What will happen when the rains come? Will there be severe erosion problems? Now is not to soon to learn as much as you can on how to evaluate the condition of your trees and plants and what can be done to give those which may survive the trauma the best chance of survival. Plan now for erosion control to protect your property and the neighbors.

Ray Smith, past president of the Mission Canyon Association has compiled a number of resource publications to help in this process. Links to these publications and other resources are shown below.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has offered to put together a demonstration garden of natural plants recommended for the fire ravaged areas.